HanSight UBA
Advanced Analytics to detect anomalous user behavior and secure your sensitive data

75% of data breach incidents are caused by insiders. Would you like to detect who and when as quick as possible?


According to PwC’s Key findings from The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018, those working inside an organization (30 percent of current staff, 26 percent of former employees, and 19 percent of third-party partners) are a major cause of security incidents, particularly data breaches.

Insider threats are intertwined with massive daily work behavior, and insiders are familiar with an organization’s internal environment and have legitimate access to internal applications and data. Therefore, traditional security products are ineffective to deal with theft of sensitive information using trusted accounts, and they often generate both a high number false negatives and false positives. HanSight UBA is China’s first commercial user behavior analytics product. Relying on users’ behavioral baselines in multiple dimensions and leveraging machine learning algorithms plus built-in scenario rules, it can immediately identify compliance violations, unauthorized use of accounts, and other insider threats to prevent critical data exfiltration and protect digital assets of organizations.

Why HanSight UBA?

Machine learning-powered accurate detection

The complexity of analyzing insider threats makes it almost impossible to detect anomalous user behavior by using traditional rule-based models.
With its longstanding machine learning capability, HanSight leverages advanced algorithms to analyze up to two years of historical data to accurately identify anomalous user behavior from massive data.

Easy-to-deploy and fast-to-see-benefits

A massively scalable and readily available data platform is required to support advanced analytics—one that provides users accessibility, quality and data coverage from a range of security and enterprise systems.
Designed to support AD/LDAP and other major business information regulatory systems, HanSight UBA is easy to deploy and can benefit customers in a very short time.

Proactive alerting to minimize losses

Relying on HanSight’s sophisticated machine learning algorithms, HanSight UBA is able to accurately locate anomalous user behavior within an organization and display the entire lifecycle of security operations unified by continuous monitoring and advanced analytics. This enables customers work out response policies quickly hence to eliminate the data loss risk.

Customer Voice


HanSight Enterprise enables us to manage our security incidents in an integrated approach and understand our overall security posture better. HanSight UBA also helps locate malicious insiders, to keep our data safe.

——Information Security director of a large manufacturing firm

75%of data breach incidents are caused by insiders. How can I pinpoint an insider quickly?

Senior security engineers from HanSight have the answer.