HanSight TIP
A multi-source Threat Intelligence Platform

Do you know the adversaries’ TTP (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures)?


According to the SANS State of Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey: CTI Important and Maturing, 94% of organizations surveyed reported that they are using Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), and 70% are acquiring commercial feeds from security intelligence vendors.

Threat Intelligence enables enterprises to obtain actionable information to turn the tables in the fight with hackers, provides threat-related information in multiple facets, and helps customers proactively discover new threats and track the provenance, to achieve a faster, more targeted response to malicious attacks.

Why HanSight TIP (Threat Intelligence Platform)?

Real-time massive intelligence collection across the globe

No single vendor can provide all and the best threat intelligence. HanSight TIP supports access to all-source intelligence, including purchased third-party intelligence feeds and the customer's local intelligence, enhancing visibility of advanced threats.

Actionable, high-value intelligence through proactive assessment

Quantity is NOT the only factor to measure the threat intelligence. On the contrary, too much irrelevant, low-value intelligence could be disruptive to security analytics platforms and engineers, which will result in loads of invalid alerts and false positives.
HanSight TIP assesses the information from different intelligence feeds in multiple dimensions to generate relevant, actionable, and high-value intelligence that meets customer needs.

Alert feedback for continuous threat intelligence enhancement

HanSight TIP can seamlessly integrate with HanSight Enterprise to automatically retrieve alarms confirmed as valid by our unified big data security platform to continuously and proactively strengthen its threat intelligence.

Customer Voice


HanSight’s big data security products give us the ability to consolidate security logs and perform correlation-based analytics on them. In particular, threat intelligence is a big help for our security team to locate suspicious events, track the provenance, and prioritize major security incidents in a more efficient way.

——Director of Information and Technology from a government customer

What values most to your organization is not the amount of intelligence you can get, but the harness the right data.

HanSight security analytics experts guide you to generate high-value data feeds.