HanSight’s big data security platform ingests multi-dimensional security and event information from various data sources including security product logs, network traffic data, user behavior activities and business applications. It leverage security-semantics-aware machines learning algorithms along with global cyber threat intelligence to identify malicious cyber-attacks and monitor anomalous business application access(unusual network activity). Meanwhile, the platform continues to improve itself and adapt, thus to transforming your organization’s security strategy from reactive protection to proactive detection.

Why HanSight


  • Combines more information (Logs, user behavior, network traffic, threat intelligence, and data) in all aspects to ensure threat detection coverage


  • Time-tested platform with extensive customer adoption and customer’s recognition


  • Multiple analytical techniques, including ML algorithms, for faster and more accurate threat detection


  • Turnkey platform for situational awareness, forensic investigation, threat hunting and incident response, continuously improved security problem solving capability and security team’s operational efficiency.

300 %

threat detection rate improved


signal-to-noise ratio of alerts decreased

10 G

real-time network traffic analyzed


response time reduced

HanSight Unified Security Analytics Platform

HanSight has made groundbreaking stride to apply machine learning and AI based advanced analytics to correlate logs, user behavior, network traffic, and business context data, to provide unified security protection for various different use cases. Powered by cross generational analytics techniques, HanSight presents a strong capability of rapidly, accurately discovering cyber threats and taking remediate actions instantly. By continuously self-evolving its defense strengths, HanSight helps make your security architecture more viable, knowable, and controllable.

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