HanSight NTA
An Intelligent Network Traffic analytics platform to rapidly detect advanced attacks

Malicious attacks hide in network packets. Is the traffic flowing in and going out of your organization secure?


The key to network traffic analytics is how to identify malicious attacks hidden in massive network traffic quickly and accurately. As a new generation of intelligent network traffic analytics system, HanSight NTA leverages machine learning to detect malicious network traffic faster and more accurate. Deployed in the bypass mode, it can analyze and restore network data up to 30G, and discover previously unknown threats without business interruption.

Why HanSight NTA

High-speed processing and fast scanning

Analyzing high volume network traffic in real time, up to 30G per second throughput.
HanSight NTA is the first in the industry to adopt the state-of-the-art network flow processing architecture to analyze 30 G network traffic within seconds and detect malicious attacks in real time.

Multi-faceted analytics and accurate detection

The network traffic analytics accuracy determines how capable an NTA system is.
Riding on the multi-faceted analytics and detection technology, HanSight NTA performs cross generational analytics to deliver intrusion detection, application analysis, session restoration, and traffic monitoring, to minimize false positives previously resulting from signature or rule mismatch

Ease of forensic

HanSight NTA presents you flexible, easy-to-use traffic analytics and network forensic capability. In addition, it can seamlessly integrate with HanSight Enterprise SIEM to provide security engineers with a one-stop solution to trace the attacker along the network traffic and find the root cause of the attack.

Customer Voice


By deploying HanSight Enterprise plus HanSight NTA, we have a clear picture of what is happening and who is attacking at the Internet and WAN boundaries. This eventually came into an enhanced knowledge base that we can use to discover and deal with any kind of attacks and vulnerabilities.

——Senior security engineer of an Internet company

How can I do real-time analytics for up to 10 G network traffic to detect threats?

The industry-leading HanSight NTA gives you the fighting chance you deserve to stave off malicious attacks.