HanSight Enterprise
Unified Security Analytics Platform

51% of enterprises have experienced data breaches over the past 12 months. Traditional security approaches are no longer effective in today’s evolving threat environment filled with diversified attacks. Is your security team ready to embrace challenges?


In the era of digital business transformation where corporate IT architectures are expanding and network environments become increasingly complicated, enterprises have to deal with information security problems and challenges they have never met before. Security teams are struggling to keep up with these new emerging threats.

HanSight Enterprise is a security analytics platform developed on big data, machine learning, and correlation analytics to tackle complex information security problems for enterprises. By integrating the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) log analytics function, it uses proactive, intelligent analytics to provide one-stop real-time situational monitoring, rapid response, risk prediction, and system improvement. HanSight Enterprise features a security infrastructure that can continuously improve itself and adapt to ever-changing risk while responding to the flood of attacks.

Why HanSight Enterprise

Accurately detect unknown threats with low false positives

The enterprise architecture and environment varies, risks can be accurately identified only when data sources and approaches that fit into the architecture and use case.

With years of practice, HanSight has come up with over 450 correlation rules and machine learning models, through its patented LogMerge® technology, to quickly aggregate and validate high-risk alerts, effectively improving threat detection accuracy, and lowering false positives. This measure reduces the number of alerts raised by security devices from more than 300,000 to less than 20 aggregated, valididated and yet truly critical alerts per day, greatly filtering the noise and improving the security operation efficiency.

Strong situational awareness

Fragmentation of security intelligence is a big headache for many security teams as it affects efficiency and causes failure to respond to threats in a timely manner. HanSight Enterprise, powered by AI and integrated with multi-dimensional analytics and data visibility capabilities, is capable of visualizing security posture in the customer environment, to show not only the current security status but also attack details of each stages. This offers security engineers insight into attacks so that they can easily control all facets of security and quickly respond to incidents.

Real big data architecture

Speed to analyze high volume multi-dimensional data is crucial, HanSight Enterprise leverages a highly Adaptive Big Data Security Architecture to easily process hundreds of terabytes of data and detect threats within seconds, while at the same time, it is horizontally scalable to protect customer investment.

Mature, stable, easy-to-deploy

Reliability and stability is paramount for enterprise customers. With a wealth of success stories in serving customers in finance, public sector, energy and more, along with our solid engineering experience, HanSight Enterprise can be deployed and implemented in customer environments within two or three days on average to achieve time to value quickly.

Continuous and adaptive improvement

The threat landscape is everchanging and the traditional reactive protection methods are no longer sufficient. HanSight Enterprise, aligns with the philosophy of a next-generation adaptive security architecture proposed by Gartner, providing you a turnkey platform for immediate situational monitoring, rapid response, risk prediction, and system improvement. This security architecture can continuously improve itself and adapt to ever-changing risk in order to respond proactively to all types of malicious attacks.

Customer Voice


HanSight’s big data security platform helps us collect and analyze our isolated and fragmented security information and then visualizes it as a whole picture. It helps us to collect the dots and guide our incident response process.

——Senior director of the Security Center at a Chinese state-owned financial firm

Turnkey platform to secure your corporate data

Stress-free platform to keep the reduces security team strain and increases order