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Why HanSight

Patented Algorithms

Using machine learning, HanSight detects anomaly user behavior, cyber attacks and fraud, reduces false-alarms, by collecting and analyzing a variety of historical and contextual data.

Unified Platform

HanSight is built from the ground up to address future security needs in a world of big data, 10x faster than legacy SIEM products, and unifies Log Management, Assets Discovery, SIEM, UEBA and Network Analytics.

Threat Intelligence

HanSight harvests real-time threat intelligence from tremendous sources, including entire web, existing victims and IoT world. Seamless integrated with HanSight platform.

Meet the Expert

People is key to a successful modern SOC. With experienced consultants and analysts, HanSight helps you to design and land a business-oriented, scenario-driven next generation SOC, and leads to a positive ROI.


HanSight Enterprise Product image

HanSight Enterprise

Next generation big data analytics platform to enable organizations to detect, trace and respond to threats such as cyber breaches, financial fraud and targeted Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

  • Distributed architecture for collecting, processing and analyzing unlimited logs, flows and traffic from applications, networks, endpoints and cloud.

  • Patented analytics algorithms help to detect threats, breaches or fraud from terabyte raw log with great accuracy in seconds.

  • Real-time retrieval and traceability providing similar Internet search engine based on any keyword positioning to all relevant information capabilities.

  • Original record evidence: the use of distributed file system to achieve a large amount of security-based information in long-term, flexible to be adjusted at any time.

HanSight UBA

HanSight’s latest threat detection product based on UEBA technology. With built-in security scenarios and GPU-optimized advanced algorithms, it helps to detect threats or anomaly behaviors from insiders.

  • Storyline-based threat scenarios which helps detect complex internal threat with higher efficiency.

  • >92.5% comprehensive detection rate under 700+ security scenarios

  • Support AD/LDAP and mainstream enterprise information management system, quickly analyze user anomaly behaviors.

HanSight UBA Product image
HanSight Enterprise Product image

HanSight TI

HanSight TI is a unique value-added platform that provides realtime and most up-to-date threat intelligence for HanSight customers.

  • Provide both UI query interface for human usage and machine-readable interface for 3rd-party product integration.

  • Supports popular threat information exchange standards such as OpenIOC and STIX.

  • Supports flexible deployment modes, from in-the-cloud to on-premise and can be customized per customer industry.

  • Related domain name, registered email account and other multidimensional graph analysis means, support time series and dimension analysis.

HanSight NTA

HanSight NTA network traffic intelligence analysis engine HanSight NTA positioning for the next generation of BDS (Threat detection system), support a variety of protocol traffic anomaly analysis, built-in new depth learning sample detection engine, significantly improve the detection of unknown virus accuracy.

  • With the latest ultra-high-speed network stream acquisition technology DPDK, support cloud Platform virtualization deployment and performance reaching 10Gbps.

  • Integrated Hansight UBA, can perform an analysis of user behavior anomaly scenarios which really helps enterprises to solve all internal and external security problems.

  • Support for traffic anomaly analysis of multiple protocols, users can quickly develop new protocol resolution by using High speed scripting language.

HanSight UBA Product image
HanSight UBA Product image

HanSight Siem-as-a-Service (

Cloud-based big data analytics platform to help small and medium organizations to quickly identify the core threats from their large amount of raw logs/events.

  • Cloud-based deployment mode, no significant change on current work- flow.

  • Threat prioritization, which helps organizations to focus more on their own business rather than security issues.

  • Widget-based dashboard supports easy-customization.



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Hanzhao Gao
Co-Founder, CEO

Director at Trend Micro, successfully led a worldwide team to develop World’s 1st large-scale virus analysis system based on machine learning.

HanSight UBA Product image

Eric Dong
Co-founder, COO

Veteran in software industry, Microsoft and start-up experience, specialized on strategy, product marketing and operational excellence.

HanSight UBA Product image

Justin Wan
Co-founder, Chief Scientist

Architect, product director and chairman of patent committee at Trend Micro. 10 US patents holder.

HanSight UBA Product image

Kevin Shen
Co-founder, VP of Sales

20-year experience in enterprise software sales and market expansion. Joins HanSight from Oracle and Microsoft.