Continuous Improvement in Dynamic Threat Landscape

From reactive protection towards proactive detection

Improved Protection

Continuously improve your security capabilities in response to rising volume of attacks

Predictive Analytics

Global Threat Intelligence Integration, analyze threats and predict risks in multiple dimensions including assess & vulnerabilities.

Security Analytics, Situational Awareness

Advanced Threat Detection

Aggregate high-risk alerts by correlation rules and machine learning algorithms to improve detection accuracy and reduce false positives

Rapid Incident Response

An holistic view to provide attack full picture to help customers determine response strategies for effective security operation.

Security Analytics, Situational Awareness

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Unified Security Analytics Solutions to Protect Your Business

Digital Transformation Trailblazing: A Data-Driven approach without stress

Financial Fraud Protection

In recent years, a large number of frauds such as fraudulent transactions have occurred in online banking services, causing serious losses to banks and users.
HanSight utilizes advanced analytics techniques in combination of machine learning, user behavior analytics, and other AI technologies to identify known and unknown frauds and risks…

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Data Exfiltration Prevention

Use multiple analytics method like correlation rules, machine learning algorithms, to identify anomaly user behavior and detect sensitive data (for example, user credentials, transaction information) breaches.
HanSight takes proactive measures to identify data exfiltration that is undetectable by traditional approaches.

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Unknown Malware Detection and Alerting

Organized cyber-attacks targeted at businesses for economic purposes, ransomware, for example, once breaking out in large scale, will bring economic losses, reputational impact, and even complete business collapse to organizations.
HanSight brings AI-powered intelligent security analytics, combined with threat intelligence, to detect unknown viruses in real time.

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